Tabata with Monika

What is Tabata?

The exotic name hides the most demanding form of interval training (HIIT). One round of the tabata takes four, beware, really just four minutes. However, every 20 seconds of workout is at least 100%. You get much more energy in one tabata than any longer training of less intense character. Tabata is  suitable for those who want to improve their fitness while investing so little  time.

Because of the extreme difficulty, we recommend lessons to more advanced trainees, because with honest execution, absolute physical exhaustion is absolutely certain. But you will have the wonderful feeling of training ...

How does it work?

Japanese physician Izumi Tabata claims that his concept of time sequences is the most effective way to burn fat.

The basis is the time frame of the exercise 20s - 10s pause - 8 sequences in a row, we can apply the method basically to any type of training, but in particular we use complex exercises to practice the whole body. Individual trainers combine the goals they want to achieve.

Tabata significantly strengthens the cardiovascular system. Because the rest period is less than half the load time, you force the body to exercise without full recovery. There is an increase in oxygen consumption and acceleration of  your metabolism. Studies show that short-term intensive training - in contrast to medium intensity training - significantly improves anaerobic and aerobic capacity.

Why Tabata with Monika?

My lessons include all kinds of games with movement to improve balance and mobility. Our body is designed to move so why ignore it !? And what is really important to me is to see that everybody is having fun.

Instructor - Monika Kadlecová

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