We offer services of physiotherapist Mgr. Kristýna Vaňková in Dream Fit Dock! Do you feel pain or joint instability during sport activities? Would you like to return to sport after injury and perform your favourite exercise again? Would you like to overcome your movement difficulties and finally get rid of your back or neck pain (not only) in the office?

For these purposes we offer you Physio Training with experienced physiotherapist. It includes complex examination of your musculoskeletal system, consultation of your movement difficulties and making a set of exercises designed especially for you and your movement troubles. Following training of correct movement stereotype in the fitness area on your favourite fitness machine or with some other exercise equipment of your choice is a sure thing!

Improve your movement and prevent injury in time!


Price list of Physio Trainings





Kinesiotaping improves local blood circulation and thus positively affects the self-healing processes in muscles, tendons, joints and skin. Try Kinesiotaping if you suffer from overloaded muscles, joint instability, or need to support muscle or joint function before training!

The maximum effect of Kinesiotaping can be achieved when the tape is as close to the skin as possible. Before application, it is therefore advisable to wash the area of skin, dry it thoroughly and, if necessary, shave it.


Price list of Kinesiotaping


Examination, consultation & application of tapeis included in the price of Physio Training and you will pay only for used tape.


Effects of kinesiotaping

reduces acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain
releases scars, fascias, overloaded muscles and tendons
reduces inflammation of the locomotor system
accelerates swelling and bruising absorption
fixes during sport and exercise
corrects some orthopedic defects


Examples of conditions suitable for kinesiotaping

overloaded muscles, fascias, ligaments and tendonitis
spine pain
golf or tennis elbow
carpal tunnel syndrome
convalescence or fixation of knee, shoulder, ankle injuries, etc.