Finnish sauna

What is a Finnish sauna?

The usage of saunas reaches back thousands of years into the human history. The Finnish sauna is considered by many to be the oldest sauna in the world. You can try out something truly tested by generations! Originally it was a simple hole in the ground covered by animal furs. This room was heated by red-hot stones fresh off a fire. Our Finnish sauna belongs among the most modern on the market – the temperature and humidity is automatically monitored and adjusted. We are sure it will leave you more than satisfied.

Why use a Finnish sauna?

Relaxing in a sauna has many health benefits. Your skin pores and veins open up in the heat, which leads to better blood and oxygen circulation through the body. Athletes enjoy relaxation of muscle tissue as well as quicker regeneration after training.

It boosts our metabolism and our body can get rid of toxins and build a stronger immunity more efficiently. Did you know that a regular usage of sauna significantly increases the production of white blood cells, which are crucial for our immunity?

On top of that, the stimulation of blood circulation is further enhanced by exchanging the extreme heat in the sauna for the low temperature of the icy pool. The increased pulse rate which ensues improves the physical condition of your heart and reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Come and try our sauna together with your partner or friends yourself!