What is CORE X? 

Core is a slang word for the muscles connecting rib cage and pelvis. These include the abdominal muscles, diaphragm, pelvic floor and the muscles of lumbar region. Its function is keeping the body upright. This can be achieved by a balanced cooperation of all these muscles. Core is also protecting the organs in the area.

There are five different types of stretching and all of them have their own characteristics. We can stretch muscle groups, fascial structures or entire muscle chains. Functional stretching with professional supervison can help with a variety of muscular imbalances or pain.

How does it work?

Core training is essential for teaching the body how to transfer forces from ground up so that body can be strong and stable. In this class we are using contraction and relaxation techniques, dynamic and isometric exercises with the goal of functional and lean midsection. To feel good and relaxed after training we incorporated stretching into this class. Our trainers created excersice programme that will brigh results quickly and effectively.


If you don't have time to do training very often and are looking for effective training that will address all the primary aspects of healthy movement and bring results at the same time, we highly recommend trying these lessons with Šarka and Ricardo.

Instructors - Šárka Spáčilová and Ricardo Cadete

Šárka Spáčilová