Circuit training

What is a circuit training?

An interval based training  where you work for 30s and 15s rest and move to another exercise. Do all of them and than repat 3 or 4 times

How does it work?

By changing intervals of exercise and pauses during training, you keep your body in high training stress. Shifting power, conditioning, static and dynamic exercises stimulates the body to periodically increase and decrease heart rate. All together, it acts as an effective stimulant for actively burning up your fat stores.

Why circuit training?

 Circuit training is specially formulated to shape your body and focus on restoring your physical fitness. You will regain your strength, dynamism and endurance. Exercise is designed to enhance all aspects and parts of your body with the most comprehensive shot.

It focuses on strengthening, muscle growth, decreasing the percentage of fat in your body, but also the straightening of your body / spine and the functionality of your joints. Exercise on these lessons will help you get a better body, health and energy, but also a personalized figure, shaped to your exact requirements.

Get back a healthy body that you have the right to.